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The Latin America ITC market has reached critical mass. Today, companies can't afford to skip the region in their global expansion strategies, specially in a region that consistently grows in ITC investment year by year. The region is not a monolithic block. On the contrary, while some countries show signs of economic stagnation, other thrive, with growth rates that are, at least, 2-3X higher than world average. While some require significant investments in IT infrastructure, others are in a more mature stage, with strong focus on software and services. Being late in the adoption of ITC, Latin America has a rather small Legacy, accelerating innovation in Business Processes and new technology adoption. Today, Mobility, Cloud, Big Data and Enterprise Social are the pillars conforming the infrastructure on which companies are relying for their local, regional, and global business.

BUNARO provides a wide range of Market Intelligence services for technology companies that want to expand their operations into the Latin America marketplace:

  • Market Opportunity: From determining the geographic areas with the most potential in the short term, to sizing the true opportunity for technology product and services, BUNARO offers a comprehensive view of the Latin America ITC market. We offer a "drill-down" approach that gives a true view of the business potential for your company in the region. BUNARO takes into account the market dynamics in the region and the maturity and readiness in each of the Latin America countries, providing realistic revenue expectations. Final sizing of the opportunity can be provided taking into consideration sales coverage models, discussed "a priori" with the clients.

  • Competitive Intelligence: With an extensive experience in the ITC sector in Latin America and other Emerging Countries, and with a wide-ranging professional network, BUNARO can provide with actionable intelligence on competitors for your company and products. Competitors in Latin America are not only global corporations expanding their operations in the region, but, increasingly, regional and local companies that have developed products and services specifically adapted for the market. It is very important to consider the whole spectrum to get a complete picture of the competitive landscape in Latin America.

  • Account Intelligence: BUNARO can help your company segment the market, according to company size and importance, and map them for your sales strategy in terms of acquisition, development, or retention targets. Information on companies and prospects in the region will be provided, not only based on readily available and public sources, but also incorporating true insight into the account.


Effective content is probably the most important consideration for your marketing campaigns in Latin America. Providing valuable information to your prospects is essential to promote your brand, and to initiate the conversations that ultimately result in sales leads. BUNARO can help you in the development of content that is in the right language, and that provides the right message to your customers and prospects in the region. With more than 15 years of experience in the region, BUNARO provides a comprehensive view of both the demand and supply sides of the IT Market in Latin America, as well as a long-standing experience in the Energy, Finance, and Retail Industries in the region. Our Content Development Services can help you provide high impact content for your campaigns

BUNARO provides the following services in Content Development:

  • Brand Positioning: Working with you on your existing Unique Value Proposition, or developing one, BUNARO will make sure that the offering of your company makes sense for the Latin America market, highlighting problem areas, and providing alternative value points. The Value Proposition will be adapted for the different audiences, and media vehicles, both traditional and non traditional, will be engaged to make sure that your brand is known in Latin America. To do so, BUNARO has developed partnerships with leading analysts, specialized press and other influential parties that are key to brand positioning in the region. 

  • Content Localization: A company that wants to enter and thrive in the Latin America market should take into account that the region is heterogeneous, with several languages and business cultures. It is a common mistake to assume that a standard translation of content will suffice to convey your message to specific segments of the Latin America market. With is extensive knowledge of Latin America, BUNARO is ready to work either stand alone, or with your marketing teams to ensure that the message you provide and the content you deliver, resonate with the expectations and needs of clients and prospects.


Latin America is a very vast territory. Brazil alone is larger than the continental US. Many companies approach the region with a Direct Sales Strategy. Although going direct allows for more control of the operation, covering Latin America only by means of your direct sales force is not effective, and, most of the times, unaffordable. To succeed in this market, careful consideration of the partner ecosystem must be exercised. Choosing the right partner requires a thorough understanding on "who is who in the region", as well as of the dynamics of the technology market at the regional and country level, and of the specific pain points of the industry that you are trying to reach. Through its vast experience in Marketing & Sales in Latin America, BUNARO will help you identify the right partner set for your products and solutions.

As part of its go-to-market service, we offer the following:

Analysis of Routes to Market: Latin America companies in the ITC sector have been growing and maturing steadily in the last 10 years. Today, most VARs (Value Added Resellers) are large companies, that have been evolving from a local presence to a regional, and sometimes even global, reach, and providing a wide spectrum of products and services to small, medium and large enterprises in the region, with great success. Also, major Distributors, are moving from a pure logistic value, to effective Channel Management entities, that give additional reach to the market with great channel capillarity in a vast geography, partnering more and more with SW and Services companies, that help them drive HW sales. Other companies, like Telecoms and Financial Institutions are acting as demand aggregators, not only with consumers, but also with companies, particularly in the SMB sector, opening the way for strategic alliances with technology companies like yours. BUNARO will provide you with the "lay the land" and will help you establish a very effective partner network so your company can reach all corners of the market.

Channel Readiness: Getting your channels on board, will require, at a minimum, translation and adaptation of your existing marketing collateral and sales tools to Spanish and Portuguese, so they are clearly understood. However, channel readiness in Latin America is, usually, much more than translation and localization. It requires a solid contractual and business framework, so both your channels and your company can thrive in the region and be successful. BUNARO will help you in developing the Channel Readiness tools and materials, so your channels can be effective in covering sales. We will also help you with assignment of quotas, market segments, and accounts, leveraging our expertise in both Market Intelligence and Business Development.