A Mexican Logistics Solutions Company

Expanding in Latin America and Emerging Asia

BUNARO provided a full Business Development Service for a company providing Mobility Solutions for last mile logistics. The solution was specifically designed to address the challenges of companies that provide goods and services in the Emerging Economies. Initially, the solution was tailored to the specific needs of large enterprises in Mexico, via a consultative, direct sales approach. BUNARO was called to consult on the expansion of sales into the resto of Latin America, and, later, Emerging Asia. We provided with a comprehensive Business Plan, including Market Analysis, Routes to Market, and Sales Strategy, recruiting business partners in the area, and helping the company forge strategic alliances with key HW vendors. BUNARO also delivered on designing the offer, including product positioning, marketing collateral, as well as defining pricing and discounts to channels. We were also responsible for supporting the expansion of the company into Emerging Asia, and in consulting the CEO in new Lines of Business for the company.

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A Tech Education Company from India

Looking for partners in Latin America

Our Market Intelligence Services have been used by an Asian provider of Technology Educational Services, providing alternative non-University Tertiary Education, mainly in Emerging Markets, with the objective of consolidating their position in the Latin America market. BUNARO provided with a comprehensive view of the region, segmenting by county, and analyzing the market opportunity for the different services offered by the company. We also helped identify the competition and its relative strength, in terms, not only of a feature by feature comparison, but also considering other factors, such as its local or regional nature, the time doing business in the country, and, using local insight, their reputation in the end user community. We also provided Market Intelligence Services to a provider of SW Solutions for the operation of cargo terminals in maritime ports. The company wanted to identify the opportunity in Latin America, both in the short and long term, and, specifically, needed a comprehensive understanding of their competition in the region. We also provided with Account Intelligence on a leading Terminal Operator in Latin America.


A Colombian Mobile Banking Solutions

Providing financial services to the underbanked and looking for a business strategy

BUNARO has also provided Business Development services to a SW company providing Mobile Money Solutions. The company was a spin-off of a Mobile Banking operation in Latin America, as an independent company to deliver Mobile Money Solutions and, in a later stage, in other Emerging Economies. We delivered a Market Opportunity and Competitive Analysis, worked in the design of a unique value proposition for the market, as well as in pricing, and delivery methods. The company decided on a Direct Sales Strategy, and we provided with a full 2 year Business Plan, as well as with Marketing Plans and Budgets. BUNARO also participated consulting the company top executives in due diligence processes for strategic alliances with other companies and independent investors. 

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A Global QSR Company

Looking for Video Surveillance and POS Integration to minimize losses by theft

A company that provides services to a global leader in the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) industry, contracted BUNARO for the development of an integrated solution that could give value to the franchisees of the brand, in terms, not only of surveillance, but including elements of operational efficiency and asset control. Video Surveillance Technology was coupled and integrated with transactions in the POS to provide a complete view of the operation, and for loss prevention. Later, elements of Big Data were added to evaluate operational trends, and as a tool for operational efficiency. We surveyed key stakeholders and a sample of thousands of franchisees, to gather the areas were the solution should drive value. BUNARO designed the solution incorporating optimal technology and cost considerations, integrated the different elements of the solution, and contributed in providing price guidelines and in the development of installation guides and training. The solution was successfully implemented in numerous locations in USA and Canada


A Container Port Solutions Company from APAC

Positioning its brand in the Latin America region

BUNARO worked in a market and account intelligence for a SW company in the APAC region that wanted to position their solution in the Latin America region. The company provides a solution to streamline operations in cargo ports, specifically in those ports that handle container cargo. Ports with these characteristics in Latin America either develop their own solutions in-house or use in-premises solutions from incumbents in Container Port Management Solutions. Our client wanted to explore niches of opportunity in the region, and wanted to have specific information about the existing solutions in a large regional firm that manages key container terminals in South America.


     A professional management company comprised of former senior technology executives whose backgrounds include start-up, SMB and Fortune 200 leadership positions. It provides strategic planning, marketing and sales services including market entry, scale-up, go to-market and performance management to technology-centered B2B clients .

    HispanConsult Management and Technology  is a consulting firm that offers experienced management consultants to client organizations in order to help them to achieve their strategic objectives. HispanConsult has a network of international consultants providing their know-how in working with clients in the areas of IT Strategic Business Planning, Project Management, and Information Technology Services Management (ITSM/ITIL)