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Information Technology is at the heart of today’s economy. All around the globe, disruptive innovation is changing the way companies operate, redefining the competitive landscape. New technology offerings are lowering the barriers to entry, allowing new entrants to compete with incumbents in a more leveled playing field. Latin America is now emerging from a period of slow growth and investment in technology, and new firms and established global companies are seeing the opportunities that the digital economy bring to the region.

To be successful, companies need to understand the many facets fo the IT Latin America market. The region needs to be addressed considering not only local business language and culture, but also the patterns of adoption of new technologies, and the driving forces that shape the market. The ecosystem is also in constant movement, extending beyond the traditional channels, and incorporating startups and developers. Bunaro Marketing Services has been present in the region for almost a decade, providing guidance to companies both local and international into expanding and consolidating their presence in Latin America and other emerging economies in Asia.

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Areas of Practice

MARKet intelligence

The Latin America ITC market has reached critical mass. Today, companies can't afford to skip the region in their global expansion strategies, specially in a region that consistently grows in ITC investment year by year. The region is not a monolithic block. On the contrary, while some countries show signs of economic stagnation, other thrive, with growth rates that are, at least, 2-3X higher than world average. While some require significant investments in IT infrastructure, others are in a more mature stage, with strong focus on software and services. Being late in the adoption of ITC, Latin America has a rather small Legacy, accelerating innovation in Business Processes and new technology adoption. Today, Mobility, Cloud, Big Data and Enterprise Social are the pillars conforming the infrastructure on which companies are relying for their local, regional, and global business.


Effective content is probably the most important consideration for your marketing campaigns in Latin America. Providing valuable information to your prospects is essential to promote your brand, and to initiate the conversations that ultimately result in sales leads. BUNARO can help you in the development of content that is in the right language, and that provides the right message to your customers and prospects in the region. With more than 15 years of experience in the region, BUNARO provides a comprehensive view of both the demand and supply sides of the IT Market in Latin America, as well as a long-standing experience in the Energy, Finance, and Retail Industries in the region. Our Content Development Services can help you provide high impact content for your campaigns

GO-to-market strategy

Latin America is a very vast territory. Brazil alone is larger than the continental US. Many companies approach the region with a Direct Sales Strategy. Although going direct allows for more control of the operation, covering Latin America only by means of your direct sales force is not effective, and, most of the times, not affordable. To succeed in this market, careful consideration of the partner ecosystem must be exercised. Choosing the right partner requires a thorough understanding on "who is who in the region", as well as of the dynamics of the technology market at the regional and country level, and of the specific pain points of the industry that you are trying to reach. Through its vast experience in Marketing & Sales in Latin America, BUNARO will help you identify the right partner set for your products and solutions. 



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